Awkward and Awesome Thursday.

You canNOT tell me you didn’t see this coming. 

Actually you probably can, but none of you have read the original Awkward and Awesomes, created by Sydney over at The Daybook. I’ve been reading her blog for some time and I adore it! I especially love her Awkward and Awesome Thursday posts, and have been meaning to write my own for some time. I thought you all needed to know the awkward things that happen to me every week. So here it goes. 


-Making eye contact with the nude you are currently drawing. You have no idea how much I would have loooved to exit the building at the time.

-Seeing the nude you made eye contact with roaming around in daily life. “Oh, so you’re a person? With feelings? And thoughts?” Oh grief. Just walk away and pretend you’ll never see them again.

-Okay so I keep sunscreen in my backpack at all times. It’s been sunny all week, so I got out my sunscreen to aptly apply as I should. It wasn’t coming out. So I poked a hole in the opening, thinking it was clogged. It still wouldn’t come out, so finally I squeezed it really hard and it totally exploded, sending teeny blobs of sunscreen into the row of seats in front of me, as well as the people sitting there. Did I mention the awful farting noise the tube made when it exploded? So yeah. The people next to me were hysterical, and the people hit by the sunscreen didn’t seem to take notice. Not sure if that was a good thing or bad thing..but I’m thankful they didn’t. Don’t do stupid stuff like that at the beginning of class. Just don’t. 

-Witnessing a woman throw a loaf of bread at a cashier at Giant Eagle. Someone’s khakis must have been pretty chapped. 

-My sweet tea ‘peeing’ on my leg whilest riding the bus. I put some in a tumbler and stuffed in my bookbag. Apparently it leaked quite substantially, enough that it dripped through the bottom of my bag and onto my leg. Pardon me, public transitors, I am certainly not peeing in this seat over here. 

-On Tim and I’s adventure in my last post, a man got on the bus and claimed that he had waited at that stop for 19 days. (The bus usually comes by every 30 minutes). He then proceeded to argue with the bus driver about making sure to come 17 days late next time. ‘Kay sure, dude. 

-Three words: Yogurt meets clothing. 

-Jogging. I’m attempting to exercise, and I feel like every car that drives by be judgin’ me. 


-Finally getting the hang of figure drawing. ‘Lemme tell ‘ya, it is not an easy thing. My legs are always huge. They’re finally starting to look proportionate. I love it! 

-This weather. Definitely.

-Fun walks and ice cream from Katie’s Korner with Tim. I adore our little adventures. They make life so sweet.

-Being nice and helpful to the cashier whom the bread was thrown at. It’s fun to treat people kindly. 

-Everything with our car working out so smoothly. We are SO thankful!

-Tim getting the day off due to the car. So much fun! It’s nice to not be all by my lonesome on Mondays for a change. 

-Buckeyes. Buckeyes at every meal. Soo deliciously terrible.

-Spring Break next week. I can’t decide if this is awesome or not, considering I’ll be studying or drawing or gluing all week. No beach parties for ShelbShelb. 

-I have seen cardinals at least once every day this week. Cardinals are my favorite bird, (owls don’t count :) and I feel like I never see them. I only hear them. So when I do get to see them, I stop and stare at them until they fly away. Flowers are slowly starting to bloom up here, and they’re so beautiful! Tim and I are considering going up to Cuyahoga Valley State Park this weekend. I can only imagine how amazing it looks up there! 

So that’s what I gots to say about this week. Have a good Friday!







Guess What I Do For Adventure?

Tim and I had some issues driving home Sunday night. 

ImageImageWe were driving down the highway, and this car had just pulled over. A piece of metal that probably flew off that car was laying in the middle of the lane, and we weren’t able to switch lanes in time to miss it. Next thing we knew, our car was smoking, so we pulled over and found that we were leaking transmission fluid from the hole just created in the transmission pan, as well as blowing a gasket. Soooo we had to get towed. We were towed to a random auto center in Kent, and we had to leave the car there. Fortunately my friend Juliana was able to take us home. Otherwise we would have had to walk. And lemme’ tell ya’, there’s some boogeymen living in Kent. As well as your regular drunk frats and the like. Fortunately this auto repair shop had some AWESOME reviews and they held true to our experience as well. They were able to get the car fixed in one day, and these pictures are of us riding the bus to downtown Kent. I ride the bus every day, but this was Tim’s first time, so I thought it should be documented. Wait until I tell you about the passengers ( I do declare, he was drunk) but anywho. The repair dudes were super extra ultra nice, and informed us that had that piece of metal hit a half an inch above where it actually hit, it would have destroyed the power steering, and we would have had a LOT more to replace than we actually did. Praise God! We are so thankful that this situation worked out for the best, and we know we are so blessed. We’re thankful that we made it through this test of faith. 

‘Til later, kind ma’ams. 


Wedding Stuff Wednesday

So I gotta question for ya.

I said, I gotta question.

Are ya hearin’ me peeps?

cause you ain’t actin’ like yer hearin’ me.

well, I don’t care if you’re listening or not.

Actually I do, but I won’t let on. I like talking to myself just fine, yo.

So, Tim and I’s wedding.

Our centerpieces?

Jones Soda bottles.

and knitting needles.

ohh yeah.

Jones soda is his favorite, and knitting is my favorite!!

So why not put em together???

…But how do you build the rest of the reception around that?

Cause we don’t really have a theme, and I wasn’t going for 1950s soda stand.

So what do we do?

How can we still make it elegant, yet casual, with these centerpieces?

I’m taking votes, tell me what you think :)

So what do we do?


Not much to say Monday.

Nuff said.

Today has been, interesting at the least.

I’m not afraid to say my relationship with God has been strained since Musical, cause it’s true.

It’s almost seemed nonexist.

But I want that to change, and it’s gonna haveta happen.

Cause life without God, sucks.

And for those who are reading this and they’re all like, “I like life just fine without God”.

You have no idea what you’re missing.

A few years ago Showbread released two albums simultaneously, one called Anorexia

…and Nervosa

Each came with a separate story that is meant to be read along with the music. And, it’s an incredible experience.

Let’s just say you see the song “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” in a whole new light.

It’s too bad though, cause, most people would be like, ew screamo yellin junk

….when, if you read it, yellin screamo junk is exactly what the story needs.

It’s amazing how the Lamb rescues us from the destruction our sin has caused us.

and we are so undeserving.


Sometimes I wish I were a boy.

So I could wear awesome jeans with button down shirts that look all country bumpkin. Chuck Taylors would be beast on me (cause let’s face it, they look better on men) and since I would sweat so much, those awesome fuzzy cotton sweatbands on my wrist would actually serve their purpose, instead of actually making me sweat, and cutting off what little circulation I have. AND, I could sing in the tenor/bass range, and then join a band and be played on RadioU.

See what I mean?

If I were a boy.

kay so Fashion.

Not much unfortunately.

Necklace by me.

Top: Decree…..and ya can’t even see it. peh.

Headband-made by me, inspired by The Crimson Owl

Blurrry feathas!!!!

So, I finally completed this knit bib for my cousin. I made it for Katrina at Christmas, but the strap was too long, so I had to take it apart and make it longer.

But now it’s alll gooood!

Ta daaaaaa!!!!!

You can find the pattern here.

and stuff.


I found this necklace in the band room.

Well, sorta. It’s been there almost all year, and some “immature intermediate students” like to throw it around the band room, and noone ever bothers to claim it.

So I did.

Typical me.

I’ve yet to figure out what to do with it. As you can see, the clasp is gone on the one side, so I need to replace it before I can wear it.

Unless I find another use…. muah ha ha!! : D

We shall see.

What do you think I should do with it?

Happy Saturday.


Really Lame Thursday. Again.

Ahh the dreaded thing. It happened.

I abandoned my blog.

After one week.


I knew that as soon as school started back up, I probably wouldn’t post as much.

and I was right.

sigh sigh sigh!!!

Sorry, still no fun pictures, no fun anything, because I’ve been too busy.

and am still too busy.

I shouldn’t even be posting.

…But I am.

muah ha ahaha!!

Now to continue more scholarship stuff.

I’ll attempt to post tomorrow.

oh, I will tell you, the Showbread show was AWESOME.

sigh. Shame on my lameness.


Not Very Fashionable Friday

Today is Friday.

You know what that means??


That’s what : )

Tim and I are going on a date tonight, and we’re going to see one of his favorite bands. Which is Showbread.


I love his eye makeup,don’t you?

Unfortunately, our computer isn’t working.
It got an icky virus, so I can’t post any fun pictures yet.

Hopefully soon!!

Now I’m heading to AAA to apply.

Such busyness.
Not really.

31 Party at my cousin’s tomorrow.

I get to get up and speak.

That’s exciting.


Have a wonderful Friday!