We went on a date.

Ha, I love how you can always tell when I’ve run out of homework, projects, and exams. That’s when my posts appear.

But yeah, in October, we went on a date to Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

And it was beauutiful!!!

Someone was having their wedding there in the woods along the cliffs, and a violinist was playing during our time there. It was perty. Of all instruments, it seems like the wilderness is most accepting of violins. It just works.

So we got to see a cave! And squirrels! And chipmunks! And pedestrians! And a humongous cliff!

Tim has been really into Assassin’s  Creed lately, and proceeded to do that huge  jump that assassin dude always does off of tall buildings, off of this rock.

If there’s one redeemable thing about moving up to Kent, it’s being near the Cuyahoga Valley.  I always feel the urge to come up here. It’s so reminiscent of our West Virginia adventures, but less mountainy. Oh, and no bears sadly : (

We also went to The Arctic Squirrel, an ice cream shop in downtown Kent. However, I didn’t capture any of its magnificence because I was lost in my pumpkin ice cream.

So yeah. Nothing monumental. But it was nice!

I’m off to get through my last day of school, and work, before I can start making snickerdoodles and pumpkin pie : ) Have a great Thanksgiving, we’ll see you around soon!