Fitness is Futile if I Keep Making These.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It is. After the disappearance of the buckeyes, I had to fill the void with something just as peanut buttery and chocolate-y! So I did. I got the recipe through Baker Lady, but the original recipe is here by Let’s Dish.

{picture found here}

I was lame and didn’t take any pictures, because we’ve eaten most of them already. You can hardly tell there was anything in the pan! :D

I exchanged the graham crackers for Rice Chex to make this gluten-free. It seemed to work okay, I think it was runnier than it was supposed to be, and they have a slight crunch, but man, they are so rich. Definitely worth it. Plus, it’s a no bake recipe and will work great for early morning potlucks at church!

Since these are almost gone, what should I make next?