I’m officially a Crafts Major! : )

After much prayer and arguing with mah brains, I’ve decided to leave the Fashion realm and pursue my first love, Crafts.

And I’m supa excited about it!

Not that Fashion was all horrible and stuff, but I don’t think it’s where my talents will be best used.

Blah blahh blah. And stuff.

Keep us in your prayers as I begin yet another transition! :)



How “Pinteresting”….

I have a Pinterest. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first, but now I love to go through all the amazing pictures to find inspiration for my many mood boards I’ve been creating for my Fashion Visuals class. It’s so much fun to add things to your boards and find creative images of fashion, recipes, nature, hairstyles, almost anything!

However, to join Pinterest, you have to be invited by someone else, so if you want to join, leave me a comment and I’ll help you out.

I wish I could use it to create collages on here, but I’m still trying to figure it out.

Anyway, here’s thelink to my Pinterest account in case you want to see what’s been inspiring me lately. I don’t always have time to go through the vast amount of stuff, but I’ll try to do it more often. Hope you have fun pinning!

In other news, I finally bought the pattern for the Geodesic Cardigan I’ve been dying to make since last year. I’ve been so pysched about it, I spent $25 dollars on two skeins of yarn. ‘Ya hear that? Two skeins. Good yarn don’ come cheap, folks.


Isn’t it just pertyful!!?? I can’t wait to make it!!

It’s kind of sad I just now decided to make it, considering how thin it is…

Oh well!

Want the pattern? Here it ’tis!  (That means click over there <<< ; )

 Interweave has some really great patterns. I’m looking into making some sweaters and hats too, ’cause it’s going to get snowy up here rather quickly.

Quicker than I’d like. Pooie.

Anyone interested in learning how to knit or crochet? Lemme’ know : )

Have a beautiful day.


End of the Weekness


This awful week is over.

It wasn’t that awful I suppose.

Not hardly.

But I’m still glad it’s over.

I submitted two scholarships today, paid my admissions fee, signed up for my Destination Kent State date, called AAA, called KSU Housing Services, applied for another job, and washed all my dirty jeans!!!

That’s quite alot, if I do say so myself.

Unfortunately, I’m not done yet. pooh.


I just want to do something I actually want to do, that I don’t have to do, like write this post, listen to music, or finish my art projects or something.

Oh wait, I do have to finish those.


So. Fashion for the week.

You’ve all seen this before.

But the rest of the world hasn’t.

And I’m quite proud of this outfit thaunk yauou vawrry mahch.

lol, this has nothing to do with my outfit. I thought it looked depressing though. :)

And what a lovely view of my front yard!!

Oh, and so you can see my jeans.

and my lovely mismatching socks.

I don’t have respect for your sock political correctness.

..and that’s what I have ta say. about that.

My lovely camera assistant did not want to go out in the cold. So watcha see is watcha get.

Jeans: Levi’s Skinny

Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters

Vest: Mossimo

Socks:…,…..Kohls, I think?

Awesome bow/necklace tie thing: Found it. I think it wrapped a pair of pajamas you get at Christmas in a pack for like five bucks from Target.

awesome. :D

Just a sample of what’s to come.  heeheeheehee :)

I WILL be posting tomorrow. Go Shelby!

…….I’m exhausted.

Two of the five nights this week have been Half-nighters, staying up till like 2:30.

Who’s fault is that?


Who’s fault is it indirectly?


I love senioritis.

Yet I hate it.

It’s a blessing. 

AND a curse!

Anyway, I have more scholarship stuff before I can let myself go to bed.

Tomorrow will bring better things. I promise.

Prayers would be appreciated.

Don’t fall for the depravity of the world.

Choose Life with Him.


Wedding Stuff Wednesday(Slash Thursday)

So today is Wednesday and although there have been alot of ups and downs getting to this point today, I am nevertheless quite excited to be posting.

while it’s freezing rain.

Isn’t it supposed to be Spring?

eh wel. That’s how it goes.

SO! I wanted to post my favorite linkys so far from this week.

oh I failed to mention.

…I’m getting married!!!!

July 16, 2011.

To the best man on the face of the universe. Besides Jesus.

who doesn’t let me take pictures of him.

…That’ll have to change. :)

Anywho, I am in the process of planning. slow and steady wins the race right?


So I’ve been looking at alternatives for flower petal throwing to appease the need for a flower girl.. and I think I’ve found it in these pomanders:

(taken from The Knot)

Heart, Hands, Home has a lovely tutorial for making tissue paper pomanders, and I may just have to make it!!

Beautiful yes? I’ve set my heart on carnations for our flowers, so it’ll just be carnation land everywhere!!!

Craftaholics Anonymous also has a lovely tutorial, using t-shirts. They’re so awesome, and I love how the color sticks out!

I’ve managed to find my dress, but I cannot post a picture due to wandering eyes….. but dat’s okay!!

I also saw these cute ideas for stamps made out of potatoes and apples, which would make it easier for me to customize my own stamps for the invitations, since I’m doing them by hand, but, I’d have to use them day of, or they go bad. Ick.

One of the most difficult issues right now is how to decorate the auditorium at our church. Our church is pretty plain, with white walls, red carpet, and a wood paneled ceiling. To some they may think, clean slate! I can do whatever I want!!

But Shelby doesn’t like all the pomp and circumstance.

So, I thinking about tying really big tulle bows around the ends of the pews, or adding something like a yarn wreath of some kind.
Like these by ItzFitz! There’s so many different things you can do with them, and, since I have so much yarn on hand, why not?

I’ve also been looking for a job, applying to Subway, Marathon gas station, Payne’s Pizza, and the Dollar General. There’s only so many options for a first timer Lord willing, I’ll get a job soon, so maybe I can start saving.

That’s something else I’ve been doing.


Look at all this fuunn stuff.

And I get to fill it all out!!!

sigh. Such is the life of a transitioning high school student.

Deep breath. Quick prayer. We’ll make it through together.

Since I’m lacking in the fashion department this week (all my clothes are dirty) I wanted to post about these AWESOMELY HUGE LIPS my fiance’s grandmother sent me:

How lovely, and disproportionate, and so YUMMY!!!

Oh yeah, it’s milk chocolate. Like Button yes?

so it’s true!!! My eyes CAN go two different directions at once!!!!!! *giggles and slaps forehead*

and…it was fun to take pictures with.. : D

…yeahh….the faces I make for photos.

I didn’t realize I was a cannibal.

Thank you Grandma Driver!!!!!!

I also wanted to interject a better picture of the necklace I made last Summer by the lovely Amanda Cloud at the Delaware Arts Castle.

BOOM close up!!

wow. You can even see my terrible stitching. Shame shame.

so yeah. Huzzah. Hopefully I can find the link to the tutorial that we made it from. That would be nice.

Finally! To end this montage of randomness, and unfortunately not much weddingness, I leave you with a happy wedding-esque but not really video. I totally can quote this whole thing, and it gives me chills. But goodness gracious I can’t stop singing it in mah brains!!!

and aloud, when nobody’s listening…

ta ta for now my lovelys!


Make it Work Monday

Kay so it’s Monday, and I made it work.


Jeans-Levi’s Boot Cut




So these shoes?


I bought them at Kohls yesterday, kind of on a whim.

I was in a rush, and while my feet are a gigundous 9 1/2,

my feet managed to fit in the dainty 8 1/2.

..and this shirt?

Is a very strange shade of blue.

The picture does not do it justice.

…and this scarf?

Seemingly did not match either of those.

…Until today…

taaa daaa!!!

oh and shoeses.

See? I made it work.