Things to do before Fall.

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile. I head back to class in 2 days! Today is my last day at work, and while I’m sad to be leaving, I can’t wait for my classes and can’t wait to be forced to be creative. All the time. It’s the best feeling in the world. But I gots to do some stuffs first.


1. Complete last day of work successfully. 

2. Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Movie Marathon with Tim!!

3. Dye my Hair. 

4. Organize myself. A little low on the list…

5. Buy art supplies. The only time in the year that I can shop guiltlessly and, for the most part ignore the price tag. 

6. Keep going with daily Bible readings.

7. Finish final 2 thank yous.  

8.Serge, sew, and finish my skirt. 

9. Knit a new scarf, and start on Kaitlin’s hat.

10. Breathe. Get pumped. And maybe schedule that Dentist appointment. 

I hope everyone has a great start of their school year. My first day will be kind of lame, only one class and in the middle of the afternoon. Oh well. At least it’s finally here!!!



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