To-Do Lists Don’t Belong in Friday Posts.

Happy Friday! I’ve been investigating this skirt pattern I’ve had for a long time. This past week I’ve been on Spring Break and have been itching to sew!The pattern calls for lightweight crepe, linen, or cotton, and I haven’t yet decided on a color. I want something that will work with most of my outfits and I refuse to buy another black skirt. ‘Lemme tell ‘ya. I am sick of them. But since it’s my first non-school related project, maybe I should pick something basic. So, if I screw up, it won’t be a huge loss, right?

However, this is what I was supposed to be doing all week.

My 2D Composition project is due in exactly 2 weeks!!! I’ve definitely been slacking off in this class. I do enjoy painting with gouache, but I’m  nervous about all the little shapes I have to cut out of them. They have to fit perfectly together when I assemble them, and if I cut them wrong, I’m screwed.  So, procrastination has become my remedy.

I was also assigned to draw several times a day in my sketchbook for Drawing 1. I think I have….4 total? Well, my break hasn’t been all that interesting I guess. Yeah, let’s go with that excuse….                                                                                                                                                                                         Tim is a pretty good model without even trying. I caught him sleeping on the couch after church on Sunday and managed to get a quick drawing done before he caught me : )

Almost forgot the exams I have coming up..Art History over the weekend and Anthropology on Tuesday. I already have a ton of note cards, now I’m going to have to pump out a zillion more!

So, obviously I haven’t really accomplished anything this week, at least not anything homework related. But I have been finishing up my thank you cards from our wedding. Yeah, I know. I know!! They should be done already. But they’re so hard to write! I have so much I want to thank everyone for, but I’m never really sure how to express it and condense it into one little card. I have about 25 thank yous left, and I hope to mail them by Tuesday.

I have orientation at my new job tomorrow! I’m nervous, but I think I’m more nervous about getting there on time. I don’t think I’ve gotten up earlier than 7am since Christmas! My mom and my sister are coming up to visit on Saturday too! We rarely get visitors here in our little apartment, so it’s always exciting when family gets to make their way up here, rather than vise versa. I love being able to show off the “cleanliness” of our apartment since it never seems to have a very long clean streak and my awesome vacuum and laundry skills! We have a potluck at church on Sunday as well. I need to figure out what we’ll bring to eat. There’s typically food there that we can eat, but when we see the dessert table we get a little sad. Maybe some cookies or something smothered in peanut butter. We sure do like our peanut butter : )

With all this stuff I have to do, I doubt I’ll have time to start my skirt this weekend, or even next week. I guess I should use that as motivation  to turn off the laptop and get everything done, yes? I do get to pick out my fabric tonight though. I’ll post pictures of it later.                                                                              So those are my plans for the weekend. What are you doing? Is spring cleaning in your future? : )



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