Weekend (Picture Heavy)

Tim and I have been on a real outside kick. I can’t recall a day in the past week or so that we haven’t been outside longer than 5 minutes. We have really taken to the Cuyahoga Falls National Park and like to walk the trails. We ventured there on Saturday, and Shelby attempted to exercise her photography skills.

I thought my dad would appreciate the trains :)

I was VERY lucky to get pictures of this little guy. We were trying to watch the water for snapping turtles, and he flew right up in front of me in the bush next to us. Plus he managed to stick around long enough for me to make him famous.

I’m such a good aminal photo takerer aren’t I? Probably because they’re the only things I can get decent pictures of. I digress. I think.

I take enough pictures of critters that I’m dubbing Mondays “Mammal Mondays”. Bah ha ha.

No I’m seriously not joking.

Now I’m off for a walk. Happy Monday!



2 thoughts on “Weekend (Picture Heavy)

  1. I thought so too! My camera does VERY well with outdoor photos. Indoor photos, not so much. It’s too bad we didn’t get to see any beavers. A ranger giving tours brought out a beaver skin for us to touch! …It made me sad : ( And yes, I spelled animal wrong on purpose!!!!

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