Awkward and Awesome Thursday.

You canNOT tell me you didn’t see this coming. 

Actually you probably can, but none of you have read the original Awkward and Awesomes, created by Sydney over at The Daybook. I’ve been reading her blog for some time and I adore it! I especially love her Awkward and Awesome Thursday posts, and have been meaning to write my own for some time. I thought you all needed to know the awkward things that happen to me every week. So here it goes. 


-Making eye contact with the nude you are currently drawing. You have no idea how much I would have loooved to exit the building at the time.

-Seeing the nude you made eye contact with roaming around in daily life. “Oh, so you’re a person? With feelings? And thoughts?” Oh grief. Just walk away and pretend you’ll never see them again.

-Okay so I keep sunscreen in my backpack at all times. It’s been sunny all week, so I got out my sunscreen to aptly apply as I should. It wasn’t coming out. So I poked a hole in the opening, thinking it was clogged. It still wouldn’t come out, so finally I squeezed it really hard and it totally exploded, sending teeny blobs of sunscreen into the row of seats in front of me, as well as the people sitting there. Did I mention the awful farting noise the tube made when it exploded? So yeah. The people next to me were hysterical, and the people hit by the sunscreen didn’t seem to take notice. Not sure if that was a good thing or bad thing..but I’m thankful they didn’t. Don’t do stupid stuff like that at the beginning of class. Just don’t. 

-Witnessing a woman throw a loaf of bread at a cashier at Giant Eagle. Someone’s khakis must have been pretty chapped. 

-My sweet tea ‘peeing’ on my leg whilest riding the bus. I put some in a tumbler and stuffed in my bookbag. Apparently it leaked quite substantially, enough that it dripped through the bottom of my bag and onto my leg. Pardon me, public transitors, I am certainly not peeing in this seat over here. 

-On Tim and I’s adventure in my last post, a man got on the bus and claimed that he had waited at that stop for 19 days. (The bus usually comes by every 30 minutes). He then proceeded to argue with the bus driver about making sure to come 17 days late next time. ‘Kay sure, dude. 

-Three words: Yogurt meets clothing. 

-Jogging. I’m attempting to exercise, and I feel like every car that drives by be judgin’ me. 


-Finally getting the hang of figure drawing. ‘Lemme tell ‘ya, it is not an easy thing. My legs are always huge. They’re finally starting to look proportionate. I love it! 

-This weather. Definitely.

-Fun walks and ice cream from Katie’s Korner with Tim. I adore our little adventures. They make life so sweet.

-Being nice and helpful to the cashier whom the bread was thrown at. It’s fun to treat people kindly. 

-Everything with our car working out so smoothly. We are SO thankful!

-Tim getting the day off due to the car. So much fun! It’s nice to not be all by my lonesome on Mondays for a change. 

-Buckeyes. Buckeyes at every meal. Soo deliciously terrible.

-Spring Break next week. I can’t decide if this is awesome or not, considering I’ll be studying or drawing or gluing all week. No beach parties for ShelbShelb. 

-I have seen cardinals at least once every day this week. Cardinals are my favorite bird, (owls don’t count :) and I feel like I never see them. I only hear them. So when I do get to see them, I stop and stare at them until they fly away. Flowers are slowly starting to bloom up here, and they’re so beautiful! Tim and I are considering going up to Cuyahoga Valley State Park this weekend. I can only imagine how amazing it looks up there! 

So that’s what I gots to say about this week. Have a good Friday!







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