Guess What I Do For Adventure?

Tim and I had some issues driving home Sunday night. 

ImageImageWe were driving down the highway, and this car had just pulled over. A piece of metal that probably flew off that car was laying in the middle of the lane, and we weren’t able to switch lanes in time to miss it. Next thing we knew, our car was smoking, so we pulled over and found that we were leaking transmission fluid from the hole just created in the transmission pan, as well as blowing a gasket. Soooo we had to get towed. We were towed to a random auto center in Kent, and we had to leave the car there. Fortunately my friend Juliana was able to take us home. Otherwise we would have had to walk. And lemme’ tell ya’, there’s some boogeymen living in Kent. As well as your regular drunk frats and the like. Fortunately this auto repair shop had some AWESOME reviews and they held true to our experience as well. They were able to get the car fixed in one day, and these pictures are of us riding the bus to downtown Kent. I ride the bus every day, but this was Tim’s first time, so I thought it should be documented. Wait until I tell you about the passengers ( I do declare, he was drunk) but anywho. The repair dudes were super extra ultra nice, and informed us that had that piece of metal hit a half an inch above where it actually hit, it would have destroyed the power steering, and we would have had a LOT more to replace than we actually did. Praise God! We are so thankful that this situation worked out for the best, and we know we are so blessed. We’re thankful that we made it through this test of faith. 

‘Til later, kind ma’ams. 



One thought on “Guess What I Do For Adventure?

  1. I’m so happy you’re exposing Tim to real life by teaching him how to ride the bus. He’s so sheltered…what were his parents thinking?! :) Actually, he’s ridden city buses before, but he was too young to remember. I’m really glad the situation worked out the way it did. As I told Tim, God really is in the details! <3

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