Courage My Love (is amazing)

Guys. Guess what? I gotta tell ya. I just gotta. ‘Cause it’s amazing. I just gotta.

Okay okay, look, okay, Courage My Love‘s first album, For Now,  comes out on October 31st.

…I’m only slightly stoked.  *cough cough Understatement.*


I randomly found CML on Youtube, and was kind of skeptical of them at first, but I’ve fallen madly in lyrical love with them. For being 17-year-olds, they’re pretty impressive.

A lot of people accuse them of sounding like Paramore, which, to some extent is true, you can definitely sense the Paramore influences, but, I don’t give a squirrel’s behind. I’m beginning to like them more than Paramore.

*insert gasps and uh uh no you didn’ts*

Wow, shocker from the die-hard Paramore fan right? I’m starting to buy into the belief that Paramore has gotten too popular, and that the fall isn’t too far away fo r them.

That makes me sad.

But, CML is definitely a refreshing find and continues to grab on to my little heart.

Golly Sandra, did I mention how amazing their voices are?

Want to hear the new album now? Click here! 



Have a great weekend.

See ya later gators.

Keep it swill and all that.



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