11 Things I love About Being Married.

1. There’s always someone to help me decide what to wear, and what not to wear.

That is definitely a good thing.

2. We try new things together, whether good or bad, yummy or nasty, fun or scary.

3. Playing Gameboy is more fun with two than one.

4. Grocery shopping is da bomb  an adventure, not a chore.

5. Coming home to each other every day, especially after walking all the way to campus and taking an icky math test.

6. Having someone to listen to you babble about freak dream you had at three in the morning and not immediately take you to the psych ward. That is love right there.

7. You always have someone to talk to when it’s 6 in the morning and you’ve been up since 3 and you haven’t exactly slept like a baby.

8. You have an excuse to bake yummy things all the time. Gluten-free yummy things. That make your spouse brag about you at work.  Even when things are burnt.                                                                           

9. I always miss him, regardless if we’ve spent every waking moment with each other for a month.

10. We grow together in maturity, faith, and love.

11. Even when we’re at our lowest, we are able to see each other for our highest.

Gushy enough for ya? :D

Fashion Visuals in an hour. See ya later gators.



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