Hawk Nelson n’ Stuff

So on Sunday, we went to Rock the Park in Louisville, and it was sorta kinda awesome.

Lessee’, there was this comedian, Eric Johnson, who Tim felt kept ripping off of Tim Hawkins.


He reminds me of a NASCAR driver.

The opening band was called Oh, Tear the Veil.

They’re very new to the scene, but actually really good.

They were pretty hard-core, and I’m pretty sure their website said their lead screamer is a 12 year old?

Awesome stuff.

Unfortunately, like, noone was getting into it at all.

Except for the Pizza Man.

Free Advertising for Romeo’s Pizza!

I wish I could have caught him when he was actually headbanging. Here, he’s just jumping around. The headbanging was much cooler.


Next was Chasing Chariots.

Which were, like, the total opposite of Oh, Tear the Veil. They were toned down, but reflective and easy to listen to. Their drummer was supa’ awesome. In their last song the guitarist got up and took over the drumset while he got up and started banging on this big bass drum, like in marching band. There was even a tambourine involved. At the end of the song, he hit the drum so hard he knocked it over and then just walked off stage.

He’s definitely got the cool factor goin’ on there.

That’s them.

I love my shoes :)
and this cutie pants, even though he doesn’t like pictures :P

oh yeah, and me.

I don’t know why everyone thinks this makeup looks weird.

I fink it looks pertyful.

Makeups is art for mee!!

Back to Shine Bright Baby.

Kay I loved seeing Hawk Nelson, it was awesome. But I really really like these guys. Maybe because they’re the closest I’ll ever get to seeing Paramore.

But they’re better than Paramore. They’re faith-based and Emily (lead singer) is not nearly as glorified as Hayley (Paramore’s Lead Singer) is.  Plus they radiate just as much energy in their concerts.

They must have been pretty darn good ’cause I’m still humming their songs, and at the concert I so wanted to get up and jump.

They sounded even awesomer in concert, hands down.

Finally, Hawk Nelson : )

After waiting a supa long time and bracing ourselves for a huge storm that never came, the fun really started.

Jason Dunn would NOT stop moving around!!!

Of course, all of my concert pictures seem to look like this. Maybe it’s just me.

Or maybe it’s just the camera. >:P

Hawk Nelson was awesome. They had so much energy. Plus they were nice to Shelby and played her favorite oldies but goodies. Especially Bring Em’ Out.

Which, if you didn’t know, was in the movie Yours, Mine, and Ours.

Awesomeness. : )

The whole thing was awesome, but now I’m paying for it, cause I still ache a bunchness.

I did a lot of arm pumping and jumping.

And singing. Can’t forget singing.

My hair has grown out so much that I can swing it around and hit people again.

Fun x a bazillion : D

I hope you appreciate all the picture happiness.

More pictures and adventures to come!!



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