Things You May Have Missed

-Um, we moved. I’ve had quite a few people ask us if we had plans to move and/or if we’ve found a place in town, and the answer is, we moved awhile ago, lovelies. We’ve been in Kent for 3 weeks now, if you need our new address, feel free to e-mail me via Facebook-ness.

I can’t cook. Proof? I burnt a waffle. In a toaster. However, I did make some lovely gluten-free pizza on my own the other night, and we’re still alive, so maybe I’m not as bad as I think I am. We’ll work on that.

I am eating gluten-free now. Ah, yes, I have jumped on the proverbial band-wagon, and am now joining my husband in the terrible plight against gluten intolerancy, and well, Celiac Disease too, though he doesn’t have that. But similar.

Living close to home isn’t as much of a drag as you think. Some days I start doubting my choice of college, just because we want to visit our families so much, and it’s very hard to do so when you live 2+ hours away. Do yourself a favor and stay closer to home. Think of it this way: Free Laundry and lower food plan bills.

Tim’s new job is wonderfully strange, but in a good way. He actually doesn’t have to work in an icky call-center as previously thought, but gets to listen and grade all the calls the call-center peeps make, and he loves it. There also seems to be a lot of great opportunities to come later on with this job. We’re trying not to get too hopeful too soon, but it’s hard. God has worked things out so perfectly for us, it’s so difficult not to hope for the best : ) All in all, I love it that he comes home happy every day, and not bogged down and upset.  Happy Husband=Happy Wife. ‘Nuff said.

I am slowly but surely conquering my fear of highway driving. It’s a slow conquering. Lemme tell ya. But I’m getting better about it. Except for the day I went to pick Tim up from work, in the pouring rain, in rush hour, and ya know, almost died. Not my fault of course, let’s just blame it on the rain, the faulty road design, and being boxed in by a semi-truck. Yeeahhhh…. I may never drive him to work again. I’d walk or ride the bus again, and we ALL want to hear THAT story. dun Dun DUUUUNNN!!!!

I have taken up couponing! Ah yes, the art of couponing. Well, I suck at it, and a lot of times I get coupons thinking we can use it and we can’t, but I’m learning.

Toys “R” Us is for adults too, apparently, not just kids….??? Tim and I walked in there to find a present for his cousin, and man, you’d think the place would be swarming with kids, right?? Not right. We saw more adults than kids in there, just perusin’ the aisles. Alone. Okay okay, I know what you’re thinking. They’re just getting gifts for the kid or something while they’re at school or something. Uh, uh. These were middle aged men, kay? Kay. I guess it didn’t help matters that they had a whole section dedicated to X-Box games. And since when does a “kids” store sell movies over the rating of PG? I saw some PG-13 movies in there man and hmhmhm….I’m not sure they should be there………….

Also, whoever invented that hamster thing that’s supposed to talk back to you as you talk to it? Horrible idea. Considering it mocks you with its high pitched voice.

Don’t believe me?

Go to Toys “R” Us and we’ll discuss it over a 7Up or something.


And I know, you’re probably thinking, “Well, they’re adults meandering around Toys “R” Us!!” Yeah. Not the same.

We’re children at heart.

According to the government, my last name is Driver. According to the mailman, my last  name is still Greashaber. I am still waiting for the mailman to bring me that cute little card that has my social security card number the last name Driver slapped on it next to Shelby. Maybe to the government AND the mailman I’m still Shelby Greashaber.

What do they know?!! I’m a wonderful driver!!!

*buh bum ching!!!!*

You can still call me Shelby Driver, however.

I start school on the 29th of August. After a three -day weekend on campus with a bunch of hooligans doing what hooligans do. (I’m not excited about this at all by the way). Has anyone else seen the itinerary for Welcome Weekend? Who the heck picked “Bridesmaids” as the flick of the weekend?? And why, honestly, why fireworks?

I know, I know, it’s primarily designed for on-campus students to have one last hurrah before school starts, but man, I just want to skip the hurrah and start school.

Maybe I’m just a fuddy-duddy.


Hope the recap helped, I’ll leave you now with cuteness overload.

See you Friday : )


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