Living the Married Life, Part 2

Honestly? Getting married has been the most productive thing I’ve done this summer. Why? Because Living the Married Life has caused me to get up and go to bed at a regular bedtime, to eat healthier, and spend each day doing something worth doing. Such as:

-Eating Chex Cereal every morning (amazing), and e-mailing the company to tell  them how much I love it in hopes of achieving coupon goodness and, frankly, better mail than what we’ve been getting.

-After eating my Chex and two espisodes of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, I mix the Cinnamon Cheerios with Raspberry Yogurt and peruse the job listings and coupon websites.

Which by the way, I got an interview at Macy’s Department Stores. Why yes, I am doing the happy dance as I type this.

And yes, I have taken up couponing. More than that later this week.

-Anywhoms, I spend the rest of the day doing other productive things, like laundry, dishes, wandering around campus, learning how to use a copy machine and my Flashcard, as well as organizing all of our stuff, writing thank you cards, researching for too many hours,   admiring Tim’s snake, Elle who does absolutely nothing all day long, and listening to our foreign neighbors move in and yell in some language at each other.

Rest assured, even with all that excitement, the fun really starts when Tim gets home. 

-He brings home exciting mail, like grocery ads for the Drug Mart, Marc’s Grocery Store, The Acme Grocery Store, and countless ads for restaurants covered, fried, and sizzling with gluten. Some days (most of them) we don’t get any mail at all, but on really special days, we’ll get some mail from the insurance agency, or our electric bill.

-We can sit for hours and play the Gameboy Advances I brought from home, along with my stash of games. We were at a Gamestop the other day, and a sign was posted saying any Gameboy or GBA game made before the Nintendo DS is now officially a collectible. My family happens to own the Original Purple Gameboy Color and the first Gameboy ever made. Boy, aren’t we awesome and vintage-y? I felt special.

What’s really sad is that some of you reading this, probably don’t even know what the original Gameboy looked like. 

*slaps forehead*

Our game staples right now are anything labeled with Pokemon or covered in Hamster cuteness. Tim’s happens to be Pokemon Sapphire, mine is Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak. I know.

He sits through my chick-flicks, I sit through his Star Trek. Which, I must admit, I actually enjoy. Kirk Out.

We  He goes on new adventures with Assassin’s Creed and sets out for long, and sometimes difficult, treks around the gluten free restraints. The first week we were home, he planned all of these really wonderful dinners, but each never worked out the way he planned, due to the lack of gluten, and well, simply, our kitchen sucks. We took a breather from that this week, and it was just as yummy. He makes my tummy happy : )

Side-note: Eating gluten-free doesn’t suck as much as you probably think.It’s actually quite yummy, and I’ve felt a big difference after losing all the breading and fried stuff from my diet.

-Finally, after accomplishing our extensive list of to-dos and Shelby’s nightly visit to the ice cream carton in the freezer, we settle in for our nightly devotional and another night of gazing at the orange security beacon outside our windows.

Our Puffkins occupying our window sill keep us company as we lull ourselves to sleep to the dullish beat of our neighbors techno music.

What a wonderful life : )

The End.


P.S. I’m sorry for the extreme lacking of pictures. I have not ventured to figure out how to make my camera work on this computer, nor do I think I have the right cord. More to come!


2 thoughts on “Living the Married Life, Part 2

  1. shelb’s i love all that goes on in your head, reading this and any of your other stories are the light of anyone’s day.
    maybe, you should take up writing, I can see this in a column newspaper, like DEAR ABBY LOL. i love you honey!
    love mom

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