Living the Married Life. Pt. 1 (Really, there WILL be a part 2!)

Well, exactly.

Shall I re-account the last 3 1/2 weeks for you?

Week 1: We got married.

Well, that’s what happened right???? You wanted to hear everything that happened, and it did!!

Next, we left for our honeymoon.

Then, we were on the road to go to our honeymoon.

Along the way, I revealed my guess as to where we were going.

and unfortunately guessed correctly.

6PM-9PM– Shelby weeps every time she recounts all the happy and sad and wonderful moments of the day. Which was most, if not the whole time we were driving.

10PM– we are driving on the world’s most forgotten road, if you can even call it that.

Well, it must not have been totally forgotten, since there was those creepy people pulled over on the side of the road. Car trouble? Eh, could be. Druggies? Definitely Maybe.

11:30PM-Somehow escape the winding, empty, crappy, forgotten road of treacherousness and find civilization, and the hotel. Huzzah!!!

West Virginia, you’re a great state and all, but why in the world do you make so many people live out in the middle of nowhere?

12AM- 8AM – Stare unblinkingly at the light outside our window, which, for the love of all things bright and beautiful,would not extinguish itself, even with my awesome light bulb killing mind powers.

Okay. I don’t possess those. But boy I wish I did!!!!!!!!!

8:15AM– Eat Bacon.

oh no. Shelby’s driving this morning. Who’s going to die to day?

This newly married couple!!!!!

8:30AM – 12:30PM– drive, drive, drive around mountain, drive, press on gas petal, drive, go around semi, drive watch semi drive around you, drive, drive, stamp on break cause of road construction, drive, drive, drive.

12:30PM- 4:30PM– Eat gluten-free sammich, leave a note about not eating pandas in the suggestions box at the rest stop, drive, drive, get stuck in traffic, drive, have people honk at us, drive, get the thumbs up every now and then, drive, watch motorcycles maneuver in and out of lanes and cars, drive. Go in big dark tunnel, drive, admire all of the interesting roadside shops and such, drive, ponder on why this produce market has so many signs of this dude holding a sign that has different fruits on it so many times, and wonder how much it cost them to have all of them made, and why sometimes their eyes and noses were grey. hm. drive.

5PM– Arrive at destination:Nags Head, North Carolina, and unpack all the crap in our car.


7PM– Discover that our GF frozen pizza, however smartly packed by Shelby, was not so much a smart idea anymore, as we found that the ice happened to melt and make the pizza extra extra soggy. Plus the lettuce is starting to go bad. Very bad. And we end up picking through it to salvage what was left for quite some time.

7:45PM– Eat pizza pudding and salad.

8:10PM– Sleep.

To reaccount each day would take too long, so I’ll list the highlights:

Monday-Grocery shopping, visiting Tanger Outlet and seeing the fossilized dinosaur poop, visiting the beach, eating at The Dunes, learning how to take off the shells of shrimp, being freaked out by their legs that were still attached, and watching the local news and watching how expressionless and bored the newscaster lady was all the time. Plus she had some awesome eyebrows.

Tuesday– Our trip to Ben Franklin, going to the beach, building a sandcastle, watching Finding Nemo, finally eating the cake we saved from our wedding, which was so incredibly good, trying to find a parking spot at Sugarcreek Restaurant (which there wasn’t any) then trying Pamlico Jacks, and watching drunk people from New Jersey sing karoake.

Wednesday- Swimming, the beach, getting sunburnt, watching Wall-E and other cartoons, eating at the Tale of the Whale. Or was it Tail of the Whale? I donno, but it had to be my favorite restaurant we visited.  I tried crabcakes for the first time ever, and it was by far my favorite meal from the whole week. And, in comparison to the crabcakes I had on Thursday and Friday, they were definitely the best. I totally reccomend Tale of the Whale. Oh, and finally we walked on the beach after dark and watched people torture wittle crabbies.

Thursday- Attempting to see the sunrise, swimming, The Christmas Shop in Manteo, which was awesome lemme tell ya, and there are lots of great pieces of art there too. Oh, introducing myself to Pookie Pets in the kids area (I wanted one realllll bad), and eating at Millers. I had scallops there too!

Friday- Doing absolutely nothing all day, going to Jimmy’s Seafood Buffet and implanting an everlasting hatred of Jimmy’s while I was there.  (Don’t go there. Just don’t.) Walking on the beach at night one last time.

Saturday- Meeting our family in Staunton, VA and getting to spend time with them. It was very fun, after so much had happened over the past week.

Sunday-  Driving through George Washington National Forest, seeing a bunch of deer and other critters and perty things, and seeing my family and getting to finally open our gifts. That too was very fun, and nice, cause we got to tell all our exciting stories and talk about the wedding.

Welp. That’s our honeymoon, in a nutshell. Week 2 coming soon!

-Mrs. Shelby Driver


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