I’m Back Part 1

Well, I’m back!!

…and I’m a High School Grad!!!!!

Family photo :) They make me laugh

Tim and I being awesome. <3

and…random gun from 5 years ago….

What cool post-graduate faces right? :D

Craig, who’s going to Pittsburgh soon. Lamer.

and yummy cake, which we have yet to finish, but is so good.

Well, Senior year hasn’t treated me the best, but I am so looking forward to the future!!!

Now that all the late nights and last minute Senior projects are over, I can blog again. Huzzah!! So, I’ll be posting more these week.




2 thoughts on “I’m Back Part 1

  1. Oh, Shelby, I LOVE your pics. Especially the one with Doug’s “bunny ears”!! I SOOO Much wanted to be at graduation this year. Many of you seniors were VERY SPECIAL to me!!! I wish you all the best!!!

  2. Congrats!!! Love the pictures!! This is such an exciting time graduating high school this is the time when all the fun planing begins to mold the next few years into the person you are becoming!! ;)


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