Wedding Stuff Wednesday

So I gotta question for ya.

I said, I gotta question.

Are ya hearin’ me peeps?

cause you ain’t actin’ like yer hearin’ me.

well, I don’t care if you’re listening or not.

Actually I do, but I won’t let on. I like talking to myself just fine, yo.

So, Tim and I’s wedding.

Our centerpieces?

Jones Soda bottles.

and knitting needles.

ohh yeah.

Jones soda is his favorite, and knitting is my favorite!!

So why not put em together???

…But how do you build the rest of the reception around that?

Cause we don’t really have a theme, and I wasn’t going for 1950s soda stand.

So what do we do?

How can we still make it elegant, yet casual, with these centerpieces?

I’m taking votes, tell me what you think :)

So what do we do?



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