End of the Weekness


This awful week is over.

It wasn’t that awful I suppose.

Not hardly.

But I’m still glad it’s over.

I submitted two scholarships today, paid my admissions fee, signed up for my Destination Kent State date, called AAA, called KSU Housing Services, applied for another job, and washed all my dirty jeans!!!

That’s quite alot, if I do say so myself.

Unfortunately, I’m not done yet. pooh.


I just want to do something I actually want to do, that I don’t have to do, like write this post, listen to music, or finish my art projects or something.

Oh wait, I do have to finish those.


So. Fashion for the week.

You’ve all seen this before.

But the rest of the world hasn’t.

And I’m quite proud of this outfit thaunk yauou vawrry mahch.

lol, this has nothing to do with my outfit. I thought it looked depressing though. :)

And what a lovely view of my front yard!!

Oh, and so you can see my jeans.

and my lovely mismatching socks.

I don’t have respect for your sock political correctness.

..and that’s what I have ta say. about that.

My lovely camera assistant did not want to go out in the cold. So watcha see is watcha get.

Jeans: Levi’s Skinny

Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters

Vest: Mossimo

Socks:…..um,…..Kohls, I think?

Awesome bow/necklace tie thing: Found it. I think it wrapped a pair of pajamas you get at Christmas in a pack for like five bucks from Target.

awesome. :D

Just a sample of what’s to come.  heeheeheehee :)

I WILL be posting tomorrow. Go Shelby!

…….I’m exhausted.

Two of the five nights this week have been Half-nighters, staying up till like 2:30.

Who’s fault is that?


Who’s fault is it indirectly?


I love senioritis.

Yet I hate it.

It’s a blessing. 

AND a curse!

Anyway, I have more scholarship stuff before I can let myself go to bed.

Tomorrow will bring better things. I promise.

Prayers would be appreciated.

Don’t fall for the depravity of the world.

Choose Life with Him.



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